If you haven’t read scene 335 – Initium Novum, go do it right now. I’ll wait.

You’re done? Good. Because I have some things to say.

Yes, Domina City is ending. It has just ended. I know it feels sudden, like it came out of nowhere, and to be honest, that’s accurate. I know there are a million dangling plot threads, I know that many character arcs didn’t come to a satisfying conclusion. But I was spiraling, losing control of the writing. I knew if I pushed too hard, I’d end up breaking, and the ending would go from “not as satisfying as it could be” to “horrible, horrible dreck.”

That being said, this final scene was always what I wanted the finale to be. The para turning to Silk, desperate for powers to turn the tide in a losing war, and Silk using that as an excuse to give {everyone powers and force them to sue for peace. Likewise, putting Derek on ice was planned from the beginning, though I waffled back and forth on whether Laura would know that he was dead or not.

I started publishing Domina just over six years ago (and writing it a few months before that) mostly on a whim. I just sort of started writing something random one day and decided it was good enough for other people to see. I am proud of what it has become, but there are still so many mistakes and errors. I wince every time I go over the first ten chapters… or twenty or fifty.

Therefore, I am working to correct all those old mistakes, from the simple grammar and punctuation errors to more serious plot and characterization issues. Once that is done, I plan to publish Domina again, this time through Kindle. I am also working on a number of other series, some inside the Domina universe, most outside it.

If anyone would like to help with editing or just beta reading for those projects, please contact me at I still can’t get the WordPress site to display comments with any sort of regularity, so that is by far the best place to get in touch with me. I welcome help from anyone who offers.

For everyone who has been following me these past six years—or even if you’ve only found Domina recently—thank you so much for reading my series. Words can’t really express how I feel to know that there are people who actually enjoy things I’ve written. Somehow, it is always a surprise when I turn on my computer Monday morning to see the likes and stats for my newest post.

I hope you enjoy everything else I have to offer as well.