By affiliation and order of appearance.  Be warned that this will only be updated when I have time, and it is low priority.


The heroes of the story, Butler recruited Derek Huntsman and his friends because he had no other choice. All of them except Adam have powers, which also make them immune to infection by the screamers.

Adam Anders

The new guy in a city exceptionally cruel to new guys.  He came to Domina for college.

Derek Huntsman

Adam’s roommate, and a native of the city.  A well-known monster hunter, in those kinds of circles.

Laura Medina

Lizzy’s roommate, and a native of the city. Intelligent and cold, she is a childhood friend of Derek’s.

Akane Akiyama

Ling’s roommate, and a close friend of Derek’s.  She is shy, and prefers to fight with a sword.

Ling Yu

Akane’s roommate, in AU on a soccer scholarship.  Really into entertainment in general, and anime specifically.


The biggest gang in the city, more concerned with order and control than drugs and crime.

Artemis Butler

The Big Boss of Necessarius, and the most powerful man in Domina.


A hacker working with Necessarius who manages the city’s communications.

Isaac Clarke

Top scientist at Necessarius, and inventor of the toy maker.  Old friend of Artemis Butler.

The Retinue

A group empowered by Butler to aid the Paladins in whatever way possible.

Drakela Sanguinas

The leader of the retinue, and an ex-Belian vampire. She prefers to be called Kelly.

Alex Gabriel

Kelly’s second, and a powerful angel. In normal circumstances, would act as the party’s tracker, but that is rarely relevant against screamers.

Jarasax of the Blood-Doused Hunters

The retinue’s driver, and a no-nonsense changeling. He has some personality conflicts with Alex, but keeps them bottled up.

Katherine Lisbon

Generally known as “Kat,” she is a fel anthro with nighteyes who acts as the retinue’s sniper. She is also mute.


The retinue’s gunner, he is an ogre who uses an old Gatling gun as his main weapon. He has some history with surprisingly high-ranking giants, such as Odin and Gordok.

The Composer

The Composer

The enemy of Domina City, and source of the screamers. Insane, violent, and completely anonymous.



A young and friendly girl who looks like a demon, and who has taken a liking to Adam.

Elizabeth Greene

Laura’s roommate and childhood friend. She’s not very smart, but beautiful and friendly. Has a talent with languages.

Simon Lancaster

A sibriex and old friend of Derek’s. Seena’s brother, and roommates with Kevin and Steve at AU.

Seena Lancaster

An old friend of Derek’s who recently joined the Mals. Simon’s sister, and roommates with Pam at AU.

Delphie Murinae

A murid, or mouse kemo, without any obvious toys. She is also an old friend of Seena and Simon, and is Zusa’s roommate at AU.

Jelena Aune

A Glasyan vampire and friends with Seena and Simon. Roommates with Yolanda and Veda at AU.


A cynical baseline who recently started hanging out with Seena’s group, due to being Seena’s roommate at AU.

Evangel McDowell

A melano ursa, or panda bear kemo, who is fully anthropomorphic. He is also a senator, and Yolanda McDowell’s uncle and legal guardian.

Yolanda McDowell

A soft-spoken demon, and niece of Senator McDowell. Roommates with Jelena and Veda at AU.

Veda Korrapati

A cherve, or deer kemo, who tends to get into arguments with Zusa. Roommates with Jelena and Yolanda at AU.

Zusa Pham

A Nosferatu vampire with suprisingly few toys, considering her choice of subculture. She has little interest in politics, but still enjoys getting into arguments with Veda. Rooms with Delphie at AU.

Kevin Irwin

A small baseline boy who has a sharp tongue he rarely uses. Roommates with Simon and Steve at AU.

Steve Gillespie

A large baseline—large enough to be mistaken for a giant more than once—known for his jovial and friendly manner. Works as a freelance courier. Roommates with Simon and Kevin at AU.

Maria Huntsman  and Victor Medina

Derek’s mother and Laura’s father.  Old friends from childhood who are a little bit too good at theft.

Turgay Corvi

An old orphanmate of Ling’s who works at a weapons warehouse and became an ave anthro recently.  Has done some things for Soaring Eagle that he probably shouldn’t have.

Robyn Joan Clarke

Isaac Clarke’s daughter, and an old friend of Derek and Laura.  Baseline except for red hair and red eyes.